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Estelar Secure a PDF has received some of the most prestigious awards by renowned shareware sites. So, you can download this tool without any doubts about Spyware, Adware, Viruses and other potential risks.

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Now you can buy Secure a PDF Software with 100% confidence as we offer you 60 days money back guarantee in case if our software fails to fulfill your requirements or mentioned promises.

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Testimonials by Customers

I was looking for a tool to protect all my ebooks in PDF format that i publish over the internet with copy, edit and print restrictions. Secure a PDF tool made this task pretty much easy for me.




Why Do I Need to Secure a PDF File?

Want to know why one must secure a PDF file with password? Here is the detailed explanation:

PDF file format made it incredibly easy for users to share files over the different platforms and especially over the internet safely. But still the question arrives is it a safe and secure way to share confidential information over the internet? And the answer would be no, as in between unauthorized users may harm the PDF content by copying, printing, editing or by modifying your crucial data. Therefore it is always advisable to secure a PDF file with appropriate PDF security methods.   

Assume that you want to publish your ebook in PDF format over the internet. There are possibilities where someone could get hold on the information that belongs to you and use it for their own good. This could be easily done if you don’t Secure a PDF against such infringements or violations. That’s the reason why one should secure a PDF file, most importantly if you’re planning to upload it on the internet or send it as attachment to some special group of people.


How Do I Secure a PDF File from Unauthorized Access?

If you are a professional who regularly send confidential information in a PDF format to an associate or to your clients then you cannot compromise with the PDF security. Now the question comes how do I secure a PDF file?

Well there are many tools and utilities for PDF security that you can find in the internet market embedded with numerous features to secure your document made in PDF format. One such tool that we can confidently recommend to you is Estelar Secure a PDF tool. Secure a PDF is one of the most reliable tools to protect PDF files from being copied, printed, and edited by unauthorized users. You can apply two types of PDF security settings with the help of this tool:

User/Open Password Protection: Secure a PDF tool will enable users to apply open or user password to disable unwanted users to access PDF file without password.

Owner Password Protection: With owner password users can disable the editing, copying, extracting and printing of PDF file.


Secure a PDF Tool – A Complete Solution for PDF Security

Secure a PDF Tool is a perfect tool for anyone to add open password to PDF documents or secure PDF files against copying, printing and editing by unauthorized users. Here are the few key features of this tool:


  • Apply PDF restrictions like: copying, printing, editing on PDF files with owner password.  
  • Encrypt PDF files with User Password so as to disable users to access PDF file without password.
  • Independent utility works without Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
  • Protect multiple PDF files at once with batch processing feature.
  • Easy to use with user friendly interface.
  • Support Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 systems.


So do not forget to download the evaluation version of Secure a PDF, trial version will allow users to secure unlimited PDF files with added watermark.